Tracy is a lover of all things short-form–especially her children. But she's just cuckoo enough to tackle lengthier pieces, too. Her poetry, prose and screenplay work has been published and prized in anthology and competition. You’ve also probably seen, heard or even held Tracy’s words before; as a Los Angeles advertising creative and storyteller for some of the world's largest brands, she's produced award-winning print, web and broadcast copy for a thousand years. She is fond of hyperbole.


One of few native Angelenos who hate sunshine, Tracy recently relocated to rainy Seattle (but still wears flip-flops). Adding water helped creativity bloom, and she is hard at work on some firsts: a TV pilot about Internet conspiracies; novel Cracks, a dark quantum fairytale about a young girl escaping her abusive world; and a serialized flash mashup celebrating song lyrics. She writes fast, is goofier than her subject matter would have you believe, and loves using competition to help keep her word game strong.